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Housing For All Long Beach Community Land Trust

In continuing the efforts to preserve affordable housing in Long Beach, LiBRE is helping staff a new project to protect tenants and advance them towards home ownership through the city's first Community Land Trust (CLT).

What is a community land trust?

CLTs take land out of the speculative market on a 99-year ground lease. Stewardship of the land resides with the CLT. Rather than corporate landlords developing land into units that existing communities cannot afford, this model stabilizes neighborhoods and creates a path for residents of color and of modest incomes to become homeowners.The establishment of the Housing for All Long Beach Community Land Trust (HFALBCLT) affirms this goal, and we want to grow this project to both acquire land and property for the CLT as soon as possible and to empower more residents to seek the resources to create and sustain a Community Land Trust.

HFALB Staff & Board

Antonia Leon

HFALB Interim Board

Linda Wilson

HFALB Interim Board

Gary Hytrek

HFALB Interim Board

Medinah Adal

HFALB Interim Board

Gretchen Swanson

HFALB Interim Board

Steve Gerhardt

HFALB Interim Board

Fred Bigony

HFALB Interim Board

Teresa Gonzalez

HFALB Interim Board

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