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Become a Member of the Housing for All Long Beach Community Land Trust

Are you a resident of the City of Long Beach or the surrounding communities including Compton, Paramount, Carson, and Wilmington? If so, join the fight to take community control of land and housing by becoming a voting Member of the Housing for All Long Beach CLT (HFALBCLT)! We are building a movement to stop the displacement of working-class residents from our neighborhoods and we need you! As a Member of HFALBCLT, you will elect members to the Board of Directors, and will help make decisions about the organization’s priorities. 

HFALBCLT is a nonprofit with an open membership and a democratically elected board of directors, which ensures that our organization stays connected to what matters most in our communities. We are a membership organization because we will hold properties in perpetuity – forever – and the membership structure is designed to ensure that our community land trust will be sustainable and can take care of the properties, to make sure that current community members benefit from them, and that all future generations benefit as well. 

Rights & Powers of Members

  • Nominate and participate in the election of the Board of Directors.

  • Collectively guide HFALBCLT’s priorities through discussion and voting during annual membership meetings.

  • Participate in free skills and knowledge-based trainings offered by HFALBCLT on an ongoing basis, such as trainings on affordable housing, housing cooperatives and the community land trust model.

  • Contribute to the quality, affordability, and development of community-owned housing in Long Beach and surrounding communities.

  • Plan and participate in community building events like cultural events, walking tours, block parties, and more.

  • Be a part of a group of like-minded individuals who are building a stronger Long Beach and surrounding communities and creating a legacy of affordability in our community.


Responsibilities of Members

  • Agree with and be committed to HFALBCLT’s values, vision and mission.

  • Pay annual membership dues, or perform required volunteer service in lieu of paying dues.

  • Attend the Annual Membership meeting, and participate in voting to elect the Board of Directors, as well as other decisions put before the voting Members.

  • Participate actively in HFALBCLT events and/or subcommittees.

  • Grow the CLT by inviting neighbors, friends and allies to become members.

  • Support the efforts of HFALBCLT and partners to advocate for resources and policies that will advance our CLT and the housing justice movement.

Housing for All Long Beach Community Land Trust

Become a Member Today

Membership dues are $25 annually for individuals. Members pay annual Members Dues upon joining or volunteer 10 hours of service prior to the Annual Meeting in September. Dues can be submitted at the bottom of this webpage using the "Donate" button.

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